What is the use of tar command?

The Linux “tar” stands for tape archive, which is used by large number of Linux/Unix system administrators to deal with tape drives backup. The tar command used to rip a collection of files and directories into highly compressed archive file commonly called tarball or tar, gzip and bzip in Linux.

Keeping this in view, what is a tar file?

Source code is often packed for download as a TAR (Tape ARchive) file, that is a standard format in the Unix/Linux world. These files have a .tar extension; they can also be compressed, the extension is .tar.gz or .tar.bz2 in these cases. There are several ways to unpack these files.

What do you open a tar file with?

How to open TAR files

  • Save the .tar file to the desktop.
  • Launch WinZip from your start menu or Desktop shortcut.
  • Select all the files and folders inside the compressed file.
  • Click 1-click Unzip and choose Unzip to PC or Cloud in the WinZip toolbar under the Unzip/Share tab.
  • What does it mean to tar a file?

    Tar (for “Tape ARchive”) is a UNIX shell command that creates a single file called an “archive” from a number of specified files or extracts the files from such an archive. A tar archive has the file suffix “.tar”. The files in a tar archive are not compressed, just gathered together in one file.

    What is an archive file?

    An archive file is a file that is composed of one or more computer files along with metadata. Archive files are used to collect multiple data files together into a single file for easier portability and storage, or simply to compress files to use less storage space.

    How do you archive a file?

    Follow this procedure to build an archive file under Windows.

  • Click on My Computer.
  • Select the files you want to copy to the archive.
  • Select File → 7-Zip → Add to archive.
  • Using the Archive format: pull-down menu, select “Zip”.
  • How do you open an archive file?

    Use the Extract button on the toolbar or select Extract from the Actions menu to display the Extract window. Use the Extract window to extract or “unzip” files from the open archive to your disk. WinZip® extracts files from the archive to the folder specified in the Extract to field.

    What does extract a file do?

    In order to work with zipped files, they must be unzipped or extracted first. Windows has a built in program called Windows Compressed Folders which can do this for you. If you have installed a zip program, such as WinZip* or 7-Zip*, Windows Compressed Folders may not be easily available on your computer.

    How do I open my Facebook archive?

    On Facebook or Messenger

  • For Facebook.com users, open Messages. It’s at the top of Facebook on the same menu bar as your profile name.
  • Click See All in Messenger at the bottom of the message window.
  • Open the Settings, help and more button on the top left of the page (the gear icon).
  • Select Archived Threads.
  • How do you find deleted messages on Facebook?

    If you deleted them, then they are gone and you cannot get them back. To retrieve archived messages, go to your message box (not just the drop down, but to the full list of messages.) There you will see at the top left of the screen “Inbox” and “Other” and “More” with a drop-down arrow after the more. Click on “More”.

    How do you unarchive a message on Facebook?

    Select the archived messages from there. The option of “Unarchive message” will be available beside each archived message. Click on un-archive and confirm your action. By doing this you can unarchive all the messages that you have archived previously on Facebook messenger.

    How do you unarchive a message on the messenger app?


  • Open the Facebook Messenger App. Facebook Messenger is a blue speech bubble icon with a white lightning bolt in it.
  • Tap on the search bar. It’s at the top of the screen.
  • Type in the name of a person.
  • Tap on the person’s name.
  • Type in a new message.
  • Tap the blue send button.
  • How do you retrieve archived messenger?

    Method 1 Using iPhone

  • Open the Facebook Messenger App.
  • Tap Home.
  • Swipe left on a conversation to reveal your options.
  • Tap More.
  • Tap Archive.
  • Tap the blue “+” icon.
  • Type in the recipient of your archived conversation.
  • Tap on the recipient’s name.
  • Do you still get notifications from archived messages?

    Once you do this, the conversation’s history will be preserved, and you’ll still be able to find it later. If the same person sends you a new message, the archived conversation will reappear in your inbox, and the new message will be added to it. You can also delete messages, but you can’t undelete them.

    How do you delete archived messages on messenger?


  • Navigate to Facebook.
  • Click your “Messages” tab.
  • Click the “See All” option.
  • Click the “More” option.
  • Click the “Archived” option.
  • Click on a conversation you wish to delete.
  • Click the gear icon in the top right corner of the message.
  • Click the “Delete Conversation” option.
  • How do you delete archived conversations on Messenger?

    To delete one or more messages from a conversation:

  • Click Messages on the left side of your homepage.
  • Open the conversation you want to delete a message from.
  • From the Actions menu, select Delete Messages
  • Use the checkboxes to select the messages you want to delete.
  • Click Delete.
  • How do you delete a conversation on Messenger?

    It isn’t possible to delete sent or received messages from a friend’s inbox. To delete a message or photo: Open the conversation. Tap and hold the message or photo you’d like to delete until a menu at the bottom pops up.

    How do you delete a Facebook conversation?

    You can also delete a conversation from your messages inbox:

  • Go to your messages inbox by clicking Messenger in the top left of Facebook.
  • Open the conversation you want to delete.
  • Click in the top right and click Delete.
  • How do you delete messages on messenger?

    Step 1: Open Facebook Messenger App On Your Phone . Step 2: Open the Conversation that you want to delete the messages from . Step 3: Tap and Hold the Messages that you want to delete ,In the pop up tap on delete Messages .

    How do you delete messages in FB Messenger?

    Delete a Facebook Conversation from Messenger on iPhone 4/5/6/7/8. You need to be careful because one movement can delete a Facebook conversation. All you need to do it is to swipe a conversation from right to left and this action will delete the entire conversation.

    How do you delete chat on messenger?

    Follow this first set of instructions to delete an entire message in Facebook Messenger:

  • Open the Messenger app on your mobile device.
  • Tap and hold on the conversation you want ?to be deleted.
  • Choose Delete Conversation from the pop-up menu.
  • Confirm it with the Delete Conversation option.
  • What is the tarball?

    A tarball or tarfile is the name that describes a group or archive of files that are bundled together using the tar command and usually have the .tar file extension. If the tarfile is compressed using gzip command the tarball will end with .tar.gz.

    What is a GZ file extension?

    GZ files are compressed files created using the gzip compression utility, which was initially created by two software developers to replace and improve on Compress in UNIX. This utility is most commonly used on UNIX and Linux systems. If you need to unzip GZ files then keep on reading to find out how.

    How do I unzip a file without Winzip?

    Locate the ZIP file you wish to open, and then double-click it to open the ZIP file in Windows Explorer as if it were a standard folder. Click “Extract All Files” from the toolbar, if you want to extract the ZIP files.