Behind Computer Screens: Social Media Activism.

The complaints of people being too tucked behind the screens of their smart phones and computers isn’t at all far-fetched...

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Behind Computer Screens: Social Media Activism

The complaints of people being too tucked behind the screens of their smart phones and computers isn’t at all far-fetched.

 Although with the help of today’s smart devices and computer one needs not worry about some things like buying stuffs, communicating with friends and family and of course help in making certain life decisions, it has in some way generated concerns.

The flexibility of the internet is somehow affecting how people communicate ordinarily with each other.

The smartphone and the internet combined, has structured fine and seamless ways of communications and given the ability of thousands to express beliefs and opinions. 

It has brought about media to connect, irrespective of geographical location or condition and thus made life easier, but also it has certain consequences.

The up-rise of technology has brought about massive exposure of individual opinions, beliefs and the rapid evolution of activism as with the internet it is easy to see the wrongs done in the world and be incited to fight against these.

As a result of this people tend to be “the good, the bad and the ugly” all at the same time and by this I mean: on social media you meet immense numbers people with good intentions, who want things to be right.

For women to have equal rights and the danger posed against the girl child stopped.

They advocate against poverty and war, condemning corrupt leaders, homophobes, and racists and sometimes when an unintended offender or a harmless post is considered offensive, they all go for the kill; accusing and judging and sometimes, threatening to harm.

On the internet, hypocrisy is a normal day to day activity.

 Hypocrisy according to Concise Oxford dictionary is the practice of claiming to have a higher moral standard or more laudable belief than is the case.

The Collins mobile dictionary says it is the claim or pretence of holding beliefs, feelings, standards, qualities, opinions, virtues, motivation that one does not truly have.

Sometimes the people who type fastest about these laudable movements, who make long posts online on anti-corruption and feminism and human rights are same people who talk rudely to their mothers and sisters or who pay high bribes to get certain favours.

Sometimes if you sit and think about it, you would find that if half the world is as good, away from their computers and smartphones as they are when online, the world would be a safer and saner place.

 In the virtual space of our computer and phone screens is paradise or something very close, unlike out here in the real world.

This is not an article about calling people to stop making good posts or making stands for the right things in life, neither is it a post to claim that I’ve never done something like these before.

It is, however, an article to say that serious activism and sincere movements are not just done on social media.

The real activists are out there making impacts and trying to alleviate the pain in some people’s lives, they don’t point and condemn on Facebook.

 At a time I might have done this on my own social media pages but, I later found out how sickening and hypocritical I was turning out to be.

These days the desperation to be seen as “real” makes us bogus and yet more people try still to prove themselves.

They don’t know to just be themselves, that what being real is all about is being yourself without trying to impose what  you think the next person needs to see in you.

The reason for this article is to let people know that being truthful to themselves is the first step to changing the whole rot eating us up.

And sometimes before you condemn and criticize others ask yourself, do you live according these standards you want to judge the other person for?

And when you are about to make some posts, you should make sure you meet the criteria.

When all is said, we should know that character is what counts, it is what makes us who we are, not posts.